Quattro Storie

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Mar 25 2016 - Aug 28 2016

Museo Italo Americano

San Francisco, CA

An exhibition of the work of four artists.  

Adriano Castelli was born in 1955 in Asola, Italy, in the province of Mantova, where he continues to work and live. Among his works on display will be oil on canvas, watercolors and pastels, and pencil and pigment drawings. Through the use of light and symbolism, Castelli explores mystical and spiritual themes.  

Stefano Spagnoli was born in 1946 into a family of artists in Parma, Italy. His “story” entitled A Spasso Con P.K. (A Stroll With P.K.) showcases his respect and admiration for the artwork of Paul Klee. Also, his passion for geometrical shapes and vibrant colors was ignited by Edwin A. Abbott’s satirical novella Flatland.

Bay Area painter Paulette Perone Long will be presenting a five-year retrospective of her works with three separate projects: Veiling/Unveiling, Divining Water, and Italian Paintings. Long’s abstract paintings with their recurrent themes of water and “the drape” encourage visitors to explore hidden emotions. 

Sculptor Michael Rizza, born in 1927 in Manhattan’s East Side near Little Italy, has lived and worked in the Bay Area since 1963. Inspired by nature and his own inner vision, he works with a variety of mediums, primarily cast bronze and stone. Rizza feels that his works are never finished, as “new pairs of eyes always add to the composition”. 

Exhibition overview from museum website

  • European
  • Contemporary
  • Paulette Perone Long
  • Stefano Spagnoli
  • Adriano Castelli
  • Michael Rizza

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