Bridging Realms

Contemporary Tibetan Art

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Mar 11 2016 - May 10 2016

Tibet House

New York City, NY

This exhibit presents contemporary works connected by Tibetan cultural and philosophical thought embracing contradiction and reconciling polarities. Questioning the logic of ordinary perception and Aristotle’s law of non-contradiction in their paintings, mixed media and photography, the artists rely on provocative and paradoxical aspects of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy and the ideal of the “middle way between extremes.”

The works presented aim to connect the apparently disparate realms of the visible and the imaginary, the spiritual and the mundane and express the artists’ sense of irony–both peaceful and tragic–as well as the Tibetan’s competing views of the self.

The exhibition brings together two perspectives on these themes. One is through works by Tashi Norbu, a Tibetan artist educated in both traditional Thangka painting and contemporary western art. Another is through his selection of works from his contemporaries, both established and emerging. This reflects recent discussions between Tashi and his counterparts on the proper contextualization, among Tibetans and for the public of emerging artists in the new Tibetan Contemporary genre. They illustrate not only each individual perspective, but also their shared experiences which, taken together, make their work a comprehensive presentation of Tibetan culture itself.

Credit: Exhibition overview from the Tibet House website

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