Priya Pereira: Contemporary Artist Books from India

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May 16 2016 - Nov 19 2016

Based  in Mumbai, India, book artist Priya Pereira (b. 1967) trained as a graphic designer. Isolated from other book artists, Pereira began creating artists’ books ten years before she knew that the genre had a name.

She published works under the imprint Pixie Bks for the last 22 years, exploring subjects including Indian culture, time, and language through creative structures, use of type, and hand-drawn images. The artist describes The Book of F as “dotted with ditties that popularize the ‘F’ word without once mentioning the most used and abused word,” and The Wise Man and His Long Beard represents a folktale through a beard made out of lamp wicks. This exhibition showcases ten of Pereira’s artists’ books.

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