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Jun 9 2016 - Aug 7 2016

Organized with the Embassies of Spain in Washington, DC and Havana, and the Spanish Cultural Centers of Miami and Havana, (Art)xiomas is part of a larger cooperative effort to celebrate contemporary Cuban art and the centennial of AMA’s founding director, José Gómez Sicre.

A contemporary Cuban art exhibit, (Art)Xiomas includes painting, engraving, photography, sculpture, design, and video art by talented young artists. Many contemporary artists in Cuba are looking to a new horizon, beyond historical ties and political nuances. These artists are favoring fresh aesthetics while recognizing historical contexts, with discourses more autobiographical than political, penetrating and overcoming barriers that have characterized the timeline of Cuban cultural cooperation.

The meaning of axiom is a self-evident truth. These graduates of Cuba’s University of the Arts, now in their 30’s, face their realities with a new gaze, free of political elements that nonetheless penetrate their works. A half century ago, José Gómez-Sicre, another young Cuban impassioned by the arts, planted the seeds of what is today considered among world’s finest collections of modern and contemporary Latin American and Caribbean art. 

Whether you go or not, this ground-breaking insider's guide to Cuba's vibrant contemporary art and culture scene, Cutting Edge Art in Havana: 100 Cuban Artists may be of interest. Designed to be a practical portable reference guide, it profiles more than one hundred Cuban contemporary artists working in Havana today, ranging from established artists appearing in major international collections to new and emerging artists just beginning their careers.

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