Rimer Cardillo (Uruguay)

A Journey to Ombú Bellaumbra

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Mar 25 2016 - May 29 2016

Rimer Cardillo has developed a significant body of work that includes prints, photography, sculpture and installations. He creates site-specific pieces that he refers to as cupí (from the native Guarani word for anthill), as well as photo and film-based documentary work related to his collaborations with scholars and practitioners in the fields of entomology and archaeology. He is also noted for his journalistic explorations of the Amazonian interior, rural estancias of northern Uruguay and southern Paraguay, and other remote regions of the South American continent.

Cardillo draws influences from the landscape and environment of both his native Uruguay and of the Hudson Valley area. His work often reflects his concern over the demise of native people, plants, and animals around the world.


Whether you go or no, you can learn more about the artist and his work in Rimer Cardillo: Araucaria, published in 1989.  Or a more recent exhibition catalog, Rimer Cardillo: Impressions (and other images of memory) (2004, Spanish/English bilingual edition), which focuses on his contributions to the fields of printmaking and graphic arts, as well as his special commitment to the preservation of indigenous cultures, the protection of endangered species, and the conservation of vulnerable environments.

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