Kevin Spacey as President Francis J. Underwood

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Feb 24 2016 - Oct 10 2016

The Portrait Gallery unveiled a new portrait of Kevin Spacey as his Golden Globe-winning character Francis Underwood from the Netflix original series, House of Cards.

The monumental painting, which measures six feet by six feet, was painted by Jonathan Yeo. “It is hard to imagine a greater honor than painting one of the finest actors of our age for one of the most important institutions in the world,” said Yeo. “It is also a great pleasure to continue this creative collaboration with Kevin, which we began at London’s National Portrait Gallery; this time bringing a new work to his home soil in the U.S.”

Whether you go or no, you can learn more about the portraiture of this talented artist  in The Many Faces of Jonathan Yeo. Jonathan Yeo (born 1970) is one of Britain's best-known portrait painters. He employs a range of media and techniques to create a diverse body of work that expands the traditions of portraiture while examining contemporary perceptions of beauty, celebrity and power.

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