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Apr 1 2016 - Oct 2 2016

The glamour of Hollywood has been a part of American culture from the onset of the silent film. And Time was there.

The magazine and Hollywood have a concurrent history, as illustrated in the inaugural issue of March 1923, in which Time reviewed a new silent, black-and-white adventure picture, Down to the Sea in Ships, depicting a sea monster crushing a boat and crew “directly in front of the camera.” Fifty-two years later, Jaws—appearing in full color on the magazine’s cover—showed new technology and innovation and played to America’s continued appetite for thrillers. From its beginning, Time responded to the public’s embrace of movie stars on and off the screen, as well as the fascination with the glitter of Tinseltown.

Hollywood and Time features 32 original artworks created for the cover of Time—including paintings, sculpture, and works on paper—depicting Hollywood moguls and celebrities whose vision and talents carried us to different eras and exotic places. The cast includes such studio greats as Cecil B. de Mille and Howard Hughes; directors Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen; and acting luminaries from Rudy Vallee and Elizabeth Taylor to Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, and the Fondas, as well as many more.

Delve deeper into the lives and careers of the Hollywood elite, technical innovations in the industry, and important issues that give context to understanding the times portrayed. Recognize the unforgettable careers of the men and women who shaped and continue to shape the entertainment industry, inspiring future generations of performers and moviemakers.

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  • 20th Century
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