Into the Future: Cultural Power in Native American Art

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Jul 17 2016 - Oct 22 2017

The 200 works of contemporary Native American art in the exhibition include nearly 100 works from 50 artists in MIAC’s collections, as well as works borrowed from artists and collectors. 

Into the Future: Cultural Power in Native American Art examines the ways Native artists have and continue to employ visual imagery in the formation, perpetuation, and expression of their unique cultures. The artists tell their stories through mediums spanning a continuum from traditional pottery and weaving, to comics and video, and into cyberspace. In contemporary art, Native American cultural power is located in traditional forms, materials, and visual language, as well as the ancestral knowledge embedded in even the most contemporary artistic expressions.

Sponge Bob Square Pants, Pac Man, and Curious George, all sporting a particularly Native American twist, are just a few images from popular mainstream culture seen in the exhibition, Into the Future: Culture Power in Native American Art.

Credit: Exhibition overview from museum website

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