Oblique Views: Archaeology, Photography, and Time

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Oct 25 2015 - May 7 2017

For the first time, in Oblique Views: Archaeology, Photography, and Time,  large prints of Adriel Heisey’s stunning images will be paired directly with those of Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

Lindbergh's aerial survey of the Four Corners and Upper Rio Grande, made with Anne Morrow Lindbergh at the controls and, possibly, photographing some of the sites, were the first low-angle views of the vast, interconnected ancient landscape. The Lindbergh documentation of the sites remains a valuable historic record of the northern Southwest

During 2007 and 2008, flying at alarmingly low altitudes and slow speeds, Adriel Heisey leaned out the door of his light plane, and holding his camera with both hands, re-photographed some of the Southwest’s most significant archaeological sites that Charles Lindbergh and his new bride Anne photographed in 1929.

Whether you go or no, this publication, Oblique Views: Aerial Photography and Southwest Archaeology, juxtaposes thirty black-and-white remastered Lindbergh images and thirty contemporary color images, providing a fascinating survey from one end of a century to the other of the multi-layered, cultural landscape of the American Southwest.

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