Prairie to Sea

Landscapes of the West

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Sep 2015 - Apr 2016

Prairie to Sea: Landscapes of the West, is a multi-artist show of landscape painters. The works are drawn from private collections and the Amerind’s permanent collection. This is a rare opportunity to see paintings by some of the best landscape artists of our time, including Dorothy Bell Knapp, Robert Daughters, Tim Deibler, Peter Hurd, François Koch, Michael Stack, Carol Swinney, and many others.

"For more than two centuries, artists from America and from all over the world have found inspiration in the land and sky of the American West. From the Great Plains to the Pacific coast, this region of alpine peaks, grasslands, and desert valleys provides artists with settings of power and beauty. The relationship of people to this land has shaped the history of those who have gathered, farmed, hunted, and ranched here over the course of many centuries."

  • Painting
  • Landscape

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