Into the Night

Modern and Contemporary Art and the Nocturne Tradition

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Feb 27 2016 - Jul 10 2016

The exhibition examines the tradition of the nocturne in art and the ways that contemporary artists now consider the enigmatic notion of the night. Comprised of paintings, photographs, and works on paper, the exhibit considers the psychological concepts of darkness, the dreamscape, and its connection to the night.

Night is associated with mystery, drama, terror, and death, but at the same time, it is associated with notions of safety, protection, and the womb. The traditional representation of these broad and conflicting aspects of the night showed the night sky over rural landscapes or the architecture of urban areas. Such works are a kind of visual language that acknowledges a keen awareness of place. This exhibition presents various artistic approaches that reflect the idea of darkness.

Whether you go or no, Night Vision: Nocturnes In American Art, 1860-1960, with more than 100 illustrations, is the first major survey of American night scenes. The authors  propose the central importance of nocturnal images in the development of modern art. This well-illustrated book investigates how leading American artists of diverse aesthetic convictions responded in a range of media--including paintings, drawings, prints, and photographs--to the unique challenges of picturing the night. Night Vision expands the conversation about the rise of modernism.  Bolstered by thoughtful essays, Night Vision illuminates the lasting impact of  the nocturne on American art.

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