Water Flow: Under the Colorado River

Photograms by Kathleen Velo

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Jan 16 2016 - Jul 24 2016

This exhibition presents the new body of work by Arizona photographer Kathleen Velo which expands on her previous explorations of water–its sources and the ramifications of over-usage. Water Flow Under the Colorado River follows the water flowing from the headwaters of the Colorado River, deep in the Rocky Mountains north of Denver,  as it travels through five states, to empty into the Gulf of California in Mexico. Captured at night as photograms, the photographs reflect the location and the water quality of sites along the Colorado River.

Having grown up in the Midwest where water was plentiful, Velo gained a new respect for the transcendent qualities of this life force when she moved to the desert Southwest in the 1970s. As a process-driven artist, Velo has created a simplified technique to maximize her interaction with the natural alchemy of light, chemistry, and space, using camera-less, pinhole- and plastic-camera techniques to capture her imagery.

  • Photography
  • American
  • Kathleen Velo

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