Rachel Rose

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Mar 10 2016 - Jun 12 2016

The video work of New York–based artist Rachel Rose addresses how we define mortality. Her subjects range from zoos and a robotics-perception lab to Philip Johnson’s Glass House, the American Revolutionary War, 19th-century park design, and outer space. She anchors these sites in a range of perspectives on death—from our vulnerability to catastrophe to the impact of history on our lifespan.

Rose’s immersive video Everything and More (2015) is here conditioned specifically to the architecture, light, and scale of Gallery 6. The video cycles a conversation with an astronaut through footage the artist shot at a neutral buoyancy lab, at home using combinations of household liquids, and at a concert. These come together to look at how our experience of the “infinite” is only possible through our human limits.

  • Multi-media / Digital / Video
  • Contemporary
  • Rachel Rose

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