Inter-generational Collaborations

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- Apr 17 2016

Heard Museum

Phoenix, AZ

Confluence is the merging of many artistic voices, exploring what it means to be young leaders and culture bearers in Indian Country today.

This exhibit presents works co-created by seven pairs of American Indian artists from the greater Southwest region. Each pair consists of one established mentor artist and one emerging artist (age 16 to 20). Each partnership involves the co-creation of a collaborative piece or series of pieces, depending on the medium. The exhibit includes diverse mediums: textile/fiber arts, film, metalsmithing, painting and fashion design.

The works are created and completed at the museum over a three-month period. The format for the exhibit involves process time done in both the artists’ studios and at the museum and will end with an exhibit of the collaborative pieces. The full exhibit also includes individual works created by each artist.

  • Indigenous
  • Contemporary

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