Light, Color, Space, Motion

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May 6 2016 - Jul 16 2016

This two-person exhibition -- featuring artists Carlos Estrada-Vega and David Alan Boyd -- considers the perception of light, color, space, and motion using 3 unique approaches.

Photographer David Boyd’s Windowpane series depicts single moments in time as though seemingly in motion, resulting in complex, visually stimulating scenes. Boyd’s Shadows series, in contrast, engages the imagination of the viewer by utilizing minimal visual information. Painter Carlos Estrada-Vega employs an entirely abstract approach to the consideration of light, color, and motion, presenting color field compositions of various scales.

Carlos Estrada-Vega is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, and is now a resident of Las Cruces. He holds degrees in art/religious studies and painting. David Boyd, an El Paso native, currently resides in San Francisco, California. Both artists worked as architects early in their careers before turning their creative practices to the fine arts.

  • Contemporary

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