Painted Parallels

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Jul 15 2016 - Aug 20 2016

Showcasing the development of two separate bodies of work by two artists who share common creative roots. These paintings may be seen as “Painted Parallels”, as they have evolved separately, yet there are commonalities and contrasts to explore.

Sohini Dhar and Sudeshna Sengupta completed their Masters degrees in Fine Arts in 1985 at Visva Bharati, a university founded by the humanist poet, artist, educator, philosopher, and 1913 Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. Since then, the career of the two artists grew separately on opposite sides of the globe, in India and in the United States.

Yet, as their art developed, it remained rooted in their early experiences in the idyllic natural surroundings in rural India, as it used to be. After decades, they revisit their sense of connectedness to the natural world in two separate bodies of paintings. Their work reflects concern for the natural environment worldwide, as well as their own inner transformations as life has been lived.

  • Painting
  • Asian
  • Contemporary
  • India
  • Sohini Dhar
  • Sudeshna Sengupta

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