Gustave Baumann and New Mexico

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- Mar 20 2016

The exhibition shows the shift in the subject and palette of Baumann's  work as a result of the region’s influence. On display are works on paper, paintings, and prints, as well as marionette studies and marionettes.

The region was a major influence on his work from 1918 onward, and his presence had a large effect on the state in return. The exhibit captures the evolution in his work after arriving in New Mexico and demonstrates the impact of the region on the artist.

For anyone who is deeply commited to understanding Baumann's process: Conceived to complement Gustave Baumann: Nearer to Art, which focuses on the artist's life and development as a printmaker, Hand of a Craftsman: The Woodcut Technique of Gustave Baumann reveals the technique of a man who is among the most influential and beloved printmakers of the 20th century. Being fastidious and infinitely patient, Baumann saved many of his preliminary drawings and progressive
 proofs, leaving behind a fascinating and intricate story of his creative process.The book features the heretofore unpublished notes and progressives the artist compiled in the making of his extraordinary woodcut Grand Caon and includes many prints never before reproduced and rarely exhibited. Baumann's work is awash in brilliant, hand-ground pigments and reveals a style that is wholly self-reliant and free. The  intriguing technique used by this meticulous master, complex but
enthralling, only enhances one's appreciation for this unique color woodcut medium.

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